Verified Views Data Service

Also known as Accurate Visual Representation

Ever wished you could show your client exactly what your new project or development will look like? Well now you can, by producing a “Verified View” showing your new development in situ.

What is a “Verified View”?

A verified view is a photographic image showing a proposed development in context, placed accurately within a photograph of the intended site. This gives you a realistic image of what the finished project will look like. Verified Views are also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) or “Photomontages”

These images are produced by CGI Visual and Architectural Visualisation specialists. Our role is to provide the accurate GPS reference points that they need to produce them.

The Process:

  1. We need a marked up photograph or location plan for each agreed photo viewpoint location, prior to commencement on site.
  2. The Surveyor will then establish each viewpoint using a Leica Global Positioning System (GPS).
  3. A timber peg or survey pin needs to be positioned by the photographer, prior to our visit.
  4. Where GPS positioning is not possible near to the required survey point, the surveyor will traverse traditionally to the position from an established GPS point.
  5. The surveyor will record a range of up to 12 reference points, using a reflectorless Total Station. These points will be in the foreground and background, high level and low level.
  6. The data will be processed in house and referenced back to the Ordnance Survey Network.
  7. We will then provide you with the data by e mail in the form of an Excel spreadsheet and photograph marked with the reference points.

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