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Topographical Surveys (Land Surveys)

Topographical surveys are used to map the shape, form and features of your site.



They can be used to show:

•Boundary features

•Surface types, ground levels and contours

•Physical structures

•Trees and vegetation

•Drainage and service details

Detailed surveys for all our clients

We use the right equipment for your project. We use Trimble and Leica Robotic Total Stations to produce high quality, detailed surveys and have a lighter Trimble M3 for

A Topographic Survey and a Measured Building Survey carried out together will give you, the Client, a complete set of existing drawings.


smaller projects, where access presents a challenge, or for adjoining buildings. Our Trimble GPS is supported by Ordnance Surveys OS Net to produce basic level surveys.

Lindrick Common Aerial

Our Leica GPS system incorporates GLONASS to give instant Ordnance Survey grid co-ordinates to a possible accuracy of 10 millimetres.


our customers say..

" fast, friendly & efficient."